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16' Professional Telescopic Ladder #8070 $355.00
Financing available:
18' Professional Telescopic Ladder #8071 $410.00
Financing available:
10' Combination Ladder #8072 $250.00
Financing available:
12' Combination Ladder #8073 $325.00
Financing available:
16' Combination Ladder #8074 $435.00
Financing available:
Step Extension Combo Ladder #8075
Step Extension Combo Ladder #8075 $355.00
Financing available:
Telescopic Ladder Carry Bag #8076
Telescopic Ladder Carry Bag #8076 $57.00
Financing available:

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For cleaning companies of any commercial, residential, or industrial background, ladders are an essential aspect of success. Reaching hard to clean places and giving your employees flexibility with their cleaning is important and achievable with Power Wash Store’s ladder options. Professional telescopic, combination, and extension ladders are sold online and give cleaners the ability to clean tall and hard to reach surfaces without any effort.

We also offer a telescopic carry bag to give you the quick access to smaller tools and equipment you may need during cleanings to help optimize efficiency during assignments.