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Booster pump skid with ProPortioner prime and operation

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Hi. Paul from Power Wash Store here. We’re going to tell you about priming and using the booster pump skid that we have made. We’re going to start out here.

We have our garden hose reel. This is our pressure reel for spraying. Down on the bottom here, we have a pressure regulator that is on it. This bypass kit allows it to bypass and recirculate the fluid that’s in the pump while you’re off the trigger so it doesn’t overheat or deadhead the pump. It works similar to a pressure washer. You’re not going to want to let it run more than a minute or two without pulling the trigger because it will eventually heat the water up and that can cause damage to the discs inside of here if it runs for a really long time. Just squeezing the trigger a little bit, and allowing a little fresh fluid in from time to time will help it.

On the top of the tank here, we have an inlet ball valve. Your water is going to come in from your garden hose. You have the choice with this particular ball valve here between, with the arrow pointing up, it will go to the float valve that’s on the tank. When you first hook up your unit you’re going to want to make sure you put at least 6-10 inches of water in the bottom of your tank before you start trying to prime anything because you’re going to need that water in there. Your chemical tank, which is right here, will be full of bleach. Again, you’re going to want to make sure you have a minimum of 6-10 inches of chemical in there to make sure that primes properly. And, down on the bottom here, we have our 7 gallon chemical tank, which will contain your surfactant that you will be using to mix with your chemicals.

We have the ball valve selector here that goes to the tank float valve, and when you turn it the other way it will go down to feed the booster pump. Now on top of the booster pump, we have another ball valve here. Again, you’re going to either point to being force fed from the garden hose reel, or drawing through the ProPortioner. We have a third valve right here, and this is a selector that will allow you to select between water or your SH or your bleach. That goes directly to the SH valve over here on the ProPortioner.

On the side of the ProPortioner, you have your water valve, which will always be just water. You have your detergent valve, which goes to your small detergent tank. And you have your SH valve, which will go to the last valve we talked about that allows you to choose between your SH and your water.

When you prime the system, what we’re going to do is, when we first initially prime it, and you should only have to do this once if you don’t run it out of water, we’re just going to start out with water. Open the water valve all the way. We’re going to come over to the side of the booster pump. We’re going to turn the ball valve. This will be connected to the garden hose feeding it. We’re going to turn it to point to the booster pump, and we’re going to turn the booster pump over to being force fed from the water.

Turn it on, and what this is going to do is this is going to force feed the water into the booster pump, and allow us to force the air out to prime the system. We’re going to do that. We’re going to turn it on and squeeze the trigger—a little water might drip out of here.
Once the air is out, we’re going to turn this valve back to the ProPortioner, which will allow us to draw the water in from the tank. You’ll see it actually come through the line and into the ProPortioner. You may have to do that two or three times. Go back to force feeding it to get the air back out, and then go back to the ProPortioner. We’re going to that for the water line.

After we’ve primed the water line, we’re going to come back over here. We’ll shut the water off. We’ll do that same procedure with the soap. We’ll open it up all the way, come back over here, and turn it to force feed to force the air out. You’ll see the soap suck into the soap line, the 3/8” line. Once you see that it’s all out, we’re going to come back over here, shut it off, and do the same thing with the SH line. We’ll push the air out of the booster pump line using the valve turned to water. Go back to the ProPortioner. You’ll see the air come out of the line and into the system here, which is why we used the clear hose, so you can see the air go through. Once you see it’s running clean, again, we’ll turn it back to prime before we force the air out of the system.

It may take 10-15 seconds to push the air out. So you may have to wait a few seconds. Do that two or three times. Once you see that all through, then what we’re going to do is do one final purge of the air. We’re going to turn it back, and we’re going to force feed the booster pump, and we’re going to squeeze this trigger, allowing all the air to run out. It will force everything out. You’ll feel it running really smoothly. The pump will settle down. You won’t hear the turbulence in it. It will quiet down and it will run nice and smooth.

Then we’re ready to worth with the ProPortioner. We’re going to turn it over to the ProPortioner, and come over there to get our settings right. We’re going to open our water up all the way. We’re going to open our surfactant to about 3, which is a common setting. A 50-50 mix of bleach and water will be about 5.5% bleach to water. On a house you may be at 3%. On a roof you may be at 5%.

After I’m done spraying and I want to flush the system out, what I’ll do is close the detergent valve, leave my water and SH valves open. I’ll come back over here, and turn this valve back over to water. Then I’ll continue to spray. What that’s going to do is suck from the water tank, and we’re going to run water through the SH valve. Then we can use this for flushing and rinsing. It will do a couple things; it will flush out your ProPortioner and booster pump, and it will allow you to rinse. If you ever want to get into a situation where you want much more boost to your water, you actually turn this to the booster pump, and you turn this to direct feed it. It’s going to take whatever your inlet water pressure is and boost it by about 125 psi, which will give you a lot more oomph.

One thing I forgot to mention is, after your done priming, you’re going to turn this back to your float tank, and keep your float tank full as you’re washing.

So that’s how you prime and use the ProPortioner with the booster skid.

Paul from Power Wash Store.