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Choke Loose: Honda

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Here we got a GX630 here. We have an issue where the choke on the Honda has been vibrating open a little bit like that on him. So, a couple things to check; right here, you can see where the cable for the choke actually mounts. If that bolt backs off, that'll actually cause this whole cable assembly to kind of move, which will make this pull forward. So, you're going to want to check that. You're also going to want to check right up here where the cable itself secures to the engine. Make sure that the cable isn't moving around in there, sliding back and forth. You want that to be tight. And the final thing you need to check is right back here; you can see there's a spring, and that spring actually helps to keep the choke closed when you open it. So, there, the choke's open. There, the choke's close.

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