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Pressure Washer / Contract Cleaner News

Like all other things, the pressure washer world is constantly updating itself. The News category of our website is designed to inform the contract cleaning community (and whomever else wants to be informed as to the happenings of the pressure washer world) of the changes taking place and other information that may be important to know when dealing with pressure washers.

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Choose the Right Pump for Your Pressure Washer Are you going to be using a pressure washer for high-pressure applications? Blasting oil and fats off concrete or brick walls? Removing graffiti from the outside of your building? Cleaning your industrial machinery? Or maybe you’re going to be using a pressure washer for lower-pressure applications? Washing the sides of your house? Washing the…
How Does a Power Wash Machine Work? Most people would skip over the pressure washer entirely to save a few bucks and just wash their sidewalks or siding by putting their thumb over the end of a garden hose. While this does create a much higher pressure stream than your garden hose alone, it doesn’t come anywhere near the pressure or cleaning power created by a pressure washer machine. If yo…
Know Your Options when Selecting a Power Washer Some questions we are always asked are what kind of power washers we have, and what kind of power washer the customer should be buying? Our answers are always the same. There are two main types of pressure washers: hot water and cold water. You should be buying the type best suited to your needs. That’s where the conversation reall…