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Carts, Bases, and Parts


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Part Number:
SKU: 26-WD1000
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10" White Steel Rim 3/4" Hub Tubeless #4753
10" Steel Rim Tubeless
Part Number:
SKU: 4753
Rubber Frame Foot - Puck Style #4775
Rubber Frame Foot - Puck Style
Part Number:
SKU: 4775
5/8" Bore Bearing #4755
5/8" Bore Bearing
Part Number:
SKU: 4755
3/4" Bore Bearing #4756
3/4" Bore Bearing
Part Number:
SKU: 4756
5/8" Nylon Bearing #4757
5/8" Nylon Bearing
Part Number:
SKU: 4757
5/8" Hub Cap
Part Number:
SKU: 4761
Black Rubber Nozzle Grommets
Skid/Cart Nozzle Grommets
Part Number:
SKU: 4770
f9 chemical applicator cart
Part Number: 5508
SKU: 5508
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10" Steel Rim w/Tube #4751
10" Steel Rim w/Tube
Part Number: 98022700
SKU: 4751
13" Steel Rim #4752
13" Steel Rim
Part Number: 98022710
SKU: 4752

Pressure Washer

Carts, Bases, and Parts

Whether you’re conducting cleaning or repairing services on a car alone or with a co-worker, the equipment you need is never going to be easily accessible unless you’re taking advantage of the carts Power Wash Store offers. Pull and push everything you need around your center with our durable aluminum carts.

Bearings, bases, rims, hubs, and other car parts are sold online with Power Wash Store as well so you can be fully prepared for car parts replacements you need to make at your business. Power Wash Store has years of experience supplying the products individuals and companies like you need to help establish and maintain efficiency and productivity in the workplace.