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Quick Connect Nozzles

Quick Connect Nozzles for Soft Washing>

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Suttner ST-456 Turbo Nozzle for Sale Online
Suttner ST-456 Turbo Nozzle
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Quick Connect Nozzles for Soft Washing

Quick Connect Nozzles for Soft Washing

Quick connect nozzles are great for soft washing applications when you need to switch the tip frequently. The quick-connect nozzles allow you to easily swap the nozzle you are currently using for a new one. A nice feature of quick connect nozzles is their spray angle is color coded. You can shop for red 0-degree nozzles, yellow 15-degree nozzles, green 25-degree nozzles, and white 40-degree nozzles. The higher the degree, the wider the spray angle and a more gentle output stream. 

Power Wash Store has a great selection of threaded nozzles for soft washing for sale online. Shop now for top models from the best quick connect nozzle brands such as:

Power Wash Store Quick Connect Nozzles for Soft Washing


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