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Goodyear Hoses

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Everyone knows Goodyear for their tires and the blimp that hovers over football fields, but Goodyear also manufactures a complete line of industrial rubber and thermoplastic hose and hose couplings, as well as metal and hybrid construction hoses. Goodyear makes hoses for everything from pressure washing to hydraulic lines on spacecraft. If NASA can depend on them, we're pretty sure any power wash business will find them more than adequate.

Goodyear Hoses for Pressure Washing

For pressure wash applications, it’s hard to beat Goodyear’s Neptune line of hoses. We carry the Black Neptune, Gray Neptune and Blue Neptune hoses in lengths ranging from 50’ to 300’.

Neptune Blue 100’ 3000 PSI One-Wire Hose, #1441

Neptune Gray 50’, 4000 PSI One-Wire Hose, #1460