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Pressure Washer Jargon: Parts, Components, Accessories

The following words and terms are a glossary of things you may need to know when using, purchasing—or considering purchasing—power washing equipment, power washers, or power washing accessories. Read over them. Review the information. Get to know pressure washers more in depth, so your purchases aren’t made hastily.

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Chemical Injectors

There are two (2) types of chemical injectors to get the soap into your pressure washer. Downstream injectors allow you to apply soap, and then rinse, without ever having to switch the machine off. Th...

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Different types of detergents work best for various applications. Detergents, as surfactants, bind their hydrophobic end to the dirt, while simultaneously binding their hydrophilic end to the water, b...

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Inlet Filtration

Choosing the proper inlet water filter is the first step in protecting your pump from potential damage, and keeping your tips from getting clogged. The best choice of filter will vary. In order to cho...

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The lance is the part of the pressure washer connecting the trigger gun to the nozzle. Lance length, material, and flexibility are important aspects to consider when purchasing a lance, or even when c...

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Nozzles are one of the two most important parts of a pressure washer; the other part being the pump. Nozzles control both the pressure and the concentration of the water jet coming out of the gun. Usi...

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Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges warn operators when the pressure washer may have faulty or worn packings, or when the nozzle at the end of the lance is worn down. Both of these factors affect the pressure in a pressu...

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Pressure Hoses

The hose you buy for your pressure washer is extremely important. It's no ordinary hose; these are pressure hoses. They have to match or exceed the pressure rating of your pressure washer’s output, or...

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Pressure-Reducing Valves

Some pumps are sensitive to high inlet-water pressure. If the inlet-water pressure is over 60 PSI, your pump may need pressure-reducing valves to keep the pump from wearing out. Pressure Washer Valves

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Rotary Brushes

Rotary brushes are used to help scrub things away, whether it be bird poop on your car or caked on grime on the side of buildings. Natural bristle rotary brushes are softer, and can be used on painted...

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Sand Blasting Heads

Sand blasting heads allow a small amount of sand to enter the water stream, adding extra abrasiveness to the wash and making it significantly more effective. Always be sure to wash out your lines afte...

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Trigger Guns

Trigger guns are one of the most abused parts of a pressure washer. It’s best to get quality trigger guns when starting a project to avoid replacements and other inconveniences later on in your projec...

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Unloader Valves

Without unloader valves, your pressure washer would explode. Okay. Maybe not explode. But the results would not be pretty or functional. When you’re not using your pressure washer, and the machine is ...

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