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Flexible Lances

Flexible Pressure Washer Lances for sale online>

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ST-85 Push Pull Lance #1215 for Sale Online
ST-85 Push Pull Lance
Part Number:
SKU: 1215
Free Shipping
Spray Flex Wand #1231
Spray-Flex Wand
Part Number: 87105970
SKU: 1231
Free Shipping
Spray Flex Wand #1232
Spray Flex Wand - 5000PSI
Part Number:
SKU: 1232
Free Shipping
Flex Lance 18" #1233
Flex Lance 18"
Part Number:
SKU: 1233
Flex Lance 21" #1234
Flex Lance 21"
Part Number:
SKU: 1234
Flex Lance 24" #1235
Flex Lance 24"
Part Number:
SKU: 1235


Flexible pressure washer lances are a type of lances and spray wands used in power washing to reach tight areas. Using a flexible lance has multiple benefits over using other types of pressure lances. The flexibility of the lance allows you to reach hard to reach areas, such as tight corners, narrow gaps, and gutters. Flexible lances also allow for reduced strain on your body, especially your arms, shoulder, and back. Attack hard to reach places while reducing strain with flexible pressure washer lances.