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PropPortioner Detergent Delivery System
Power Through Until The Job Is Done. From power washers to burner parts, the Power Wash Store has you covered.
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General Pump  #T4251 Pressure Washer Pump for Sale Online
General Pump #T4251
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Generation II Twin Pump System w/ Titan …
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Agent Green - 5 Gallon
Enviro Bio Cleaner - 5 Gallon Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Enviro Bio Cleaner - 5 Gallon
Mosmatic Gum Remover 21 inches
Mosmatic Gum Remover Recovery Surface Cl…
Dragon Tail 100
Dragon Tail 100' Yellow Non Marking 4000…
100% Satisfaction Guarantee Chemical Pledge

We are so confident that you will be pleased with our detergents that if you are not completely satisfied with the performance we will refund the purchase price of the chemical - no questions asked.

*Refund offer only applies to 5-10 gallon sample packs of detergents that we manufacture.

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Welcome to The Pressure Wash Store. We’re your one-stop-shop for everything related to pressure washers: nozzles, hoses, trigger guns, filters, detergents, and more.

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We’ve been incorporated since 1993, giving us an edge over the younger companies out there. The Power Wash Store was founded on the basis of service and knowledge-sharing, and we’ve moved on to selling products as well. Forming a community of contract cleaners was very important to us, so we joined forces with the UAMCC (United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners) to help expand their community. Since then, we’ve helped to write standards of the UAMCC and make the contract cleaning community more expansive and effective.

The Power Wash Store shares information with you. We appreciate if you do the same for us. We can’t know everything, so the more information you share with us, the more we’re able to share with other contract cleaners. The Power Wash Store is in business to make your business more successful.

Pressure Washer Applications

Pressure Washer ApplicationsNo matter what the application you plan to use your pressure washer for, we accommodate your needs.

For pressure washing we carry lines from multiple suppliers such as Water Dragon, Pressure Pro, Hydro Tek, Largo, and more. These units are designed to clean things as soft as your wood deck, and can blast concrete off hard surfaces.

For low-pressure applications, we have brands like SHURFLO and Delavan 12V systems. These aren’t going to damage the surface and are useful for soft washing and applying detergents. They're great for personal use or professional use.

Agriculture, Entertainment, Oil, and Car Wash Industries

Hello, everyone involved in agriculture on a high level. We know you have a nearly unlimited amount of ground to cover in a very limited amount of time. That’s why we provide chemical pumps and spray equipment to aid in chemical dispersal. Spray the whole field from one spot—okay, not that far, but farther than a simple garden hose will spray.

Cat Pumps are great for industrial situations like agriculture. They are the longest lasting pumps in the industry, made with the best available materials, and have no corners cut in their manufacturing. People have often mentioned their Cat Pumps lasting over 30 years with nothing more than routine maintenance.

We also have large-volume industrial pumps for applications such as oil pumping and the like.

Commitment to all Industries' and Customers' Satisfaction

If we don't have a specific product from a specific manufacturer already in our inventory or on the site, give us a call at 414.351.9274. Or contact us through the website. We'll locate, order, and get the part or product for you as soon as possible.

Other Pressure Washer Applications:

  • Roof cleaning / “soft washing”
  • Hood / exhaust vent cleaning
  • Concrete
  • Dumpster
  • Wood restoration
  • Houses—exterior, interior, carpets, etc.
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  • Paver / masonry
  • Window cleaning
  • Parking garage
  • Fleet / truck / heavy industry
  • Wastewater recovery
  • Wastewater treatment

Contact Cleaning and Pump Equipment Available to Local Sales

Over the past 20+ years we have grown to be a national giant in the pressure washer and soft wash industry, selling products to all 50 states. However, our HQ remains in the beautiful state of Wisconsin, where we also supply local sales, should you happen to be in the area.

The Best Pressure Washer Brands

We carry the best pressure washer brands available on the market. Here’s a short list of some of the brands we carry:

Water Dragon Pressure Washers
Hydro Tek Pressure Washers
GENERAL PUMP Pressure Washers
Legacy Pressure Washers
Pressure Pro Pressure Washers
UDOR Pressure Washers
Mosmatic Pressure Washers
LARGO Pressure Washers
CAT Pressure Washers

The pressure washers from these brands are more than adequate to get your job done. Give them a try, and see for yourself.

Join the UAMCC, and help make a stronger industry for pressure washing contractors through education and involvement.

As a SPECIAL BONUS new members receive a $50 gift card to our store and if they sign up for auto renew and put Power Wash Store as the referral they receive a $100 gift card for our store. Also all contributing UAMCC members get a discount on select parts, chemicals, and equipment from The Power Wash Store.

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What Is The UAMCC?

The United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners is a nationwide network of pressure washing contractors that embraces the power washing and mobile cleaning industry.

Through unity in the organization, a contractor can have their voice heard in the community amongst businesses, home-owners, property managers, and by the government.

The association has a very clear focus as to how you, the contractor, are going to benefit.

If you are a young company striving for great success, the UAMCC will give you a platform and the tools necessary to achieve your goal. For veteran cleaning companies wishing to break to the next plateau, the UAMCC will provide a foot in the door to regional or nationwide contracts and RFP's. For all members the UAMCC offers an unmatched network of contractors willing to help each other with any issues they may encounter.

For product information, contact us, or visit our page filled with technical data sheets. Also, contact us if you need help with field repairs or troubleshooting. You have a problem? Under pressure? We'll solve it.

Contact professional contract cleaners of The Power Wash Store to ask questions, or shop our large selection of inventory.

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