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Pressure Washer Swivel Fittings

It is a pain to constantly deal with kinks and bends in your pressure washer hose. Power Wash Store’s collection of parts and hose swivels offers durable, flexible alternatives for turning tight corners. Contractors and homeowners alike will appreciate having the ease of use of a hose swivel. Also, one of the biggest perks is the flexibility to work with a variety of hose sizes.

Compatible Hose Swivel Sizes:

  • ¼”
  • ½
  • 1”


90 Degree Hose Attachment

Hose swivels offer a great alternative to a 90-degree coupler which is static. With this attachment, you can have the flexibility to conquer any tasks you need. If you ever have any problems, there are also repair kits available for your hose swivels.

Mosmatic Swivels

Eliminate your bent hosing on your pressure washer. Mosmatic power washer swivels offer different options to transform your power wash hose. We also carry other great brands of hose swivels such as

Connecting 2 Pressure Washer Hoses

There are different ways to connect two pressure washer hoses together. Couplers are the basic option for connecting two hoses, but hose swivels and quick-connect fittings also each have advantages. Swivels offer easy mobility and can serve as an adapter for a variety of sizes, and quick connect fittings offer easy reliable assembly and disassembly.

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