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Hose Reels for Power Washers

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*Orders over $100 may be eligible for Free Shipping. Some restrictions apply.

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Hose Reels for Power Washers

Needed for the efficient rolling and unrolling of pressure wash hoses in all residential, commercial, and industrial settings, hose reels have played an important part in making jobs and cleanup easier. At the end of your workday, you can simply crank your hose back into its place instead of having to hand wrap it.

Hose Reel Carts

Hose Reel Carts come in a variety of sizes and options such as carts with wheels. There are, however, 2 main material options:

  1. One popular option is the stainless steel hose reel. Both strong and affordable this reel is a great option for homeowners.
  2. The other main option for hose reels is heavy-duty plastic. Along with not having to worry about corrosion, this option operates very smoothly.

Reliable Brands & Parts

Reduce the amount of time you spend working after a job is completed by considering Power Wash Store’s hosed reels today. We have the best selection of hose reel & hose reel parts there are:

Retractable Pressure Washer Hose Reels

Finding a hose reel that can easily be wound up is one of the most important features for a power washer. Power Wash Store offers retractable hose reels which will make packing up your power washer quick and easy!

Learn more about our Pressure Washer parts and accessories and contact us today!