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Cold Water Pressure Washers

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*Orders over $100 may be eligible for Free Shipping. Some restrictions apply.
*Orders over $100 may be eligible for Free Shipping. Some restrictions apply.

Cold Water Pressure WashersHigh Pressure Cold Water Pressure Washers

Pressure washing equipment is essential for cleaning dirt and grime off hard to clean surfaces, but aside from just having the machinery to get the job done, you want to walk away with a deal after a purchase! When customers shop at the Power Wash Store, they find the high pressure cold water pressure washers they've been looking for in little to no time at all. We keep our facility stocked with the latest and greatest in pressure washer cleaners. From the Pro-Max series to the PWS contractor series, our store only provides the best pressure washer products on the market. 

Cold Water Pressure Washers We Carry:

Pro-Max Series

Eagle Series

Pro Series

PWS Contractor Series

Hydro Tek

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Heavy duty pumps are required for assignments when you need to clean high walls and wide surfaces. The products we offer are best used at home and in industrial and commercial applications. While our prices may be competitive, the manufacturing of our cold water pressure washers is anything but cheap. You need reliability, you need durability and with the Power Wash Store, you get it all with an added factor of affordability to top it off. Know what type of engine you want your pressure washer equipped with? Browse our selection above to find the specific models you're looking for. 

Engines Available on Select Cold Water Pressure Washers: 

  • Electric

  • Honda

  • Briggs

Wrap up your hose once you've finished your assignment and tuck away your pressure washer equipment until tomorrow. Cold water pressure washers help you achieve what could be a day's worth of hands-on work within hours. You can spend your extra time unwinding or taking on even more assignments on the job. The Power Wash Store is committed to helping you find the best equipment to match your needs. If you have any questions regarding our selection, please call us! We're standing by to assist you with choosing the cold water pressure washer best suited for the type of work you complete on a regular basis.

Pressure Washing Vs. Soft Washing

Finding the right powered washer for your needs can be tricky. But it all comes down to your needs and the job being done. The biggest difference between pressure and soft washing is the volume of water and the pressure that the water leaves the machine.

Most soft washing occurs at high volumes but lower pressures. Soft washing is done to clean a material that is too delicate for pressure washing, or more commonly, to apply a chemical, like bleach, over a surface. Sometimes pressure washers can double as soft washers if you are able to adjust the power and flow of the pump.

Soft Washers:

Pressure washing uses high pressure to break apart unwanted dirt and grime, then the high water volume washes away the dirt as waste water. Professional grade power washers can reach incredibly high gallons per minute and pressure.

Power Washers:


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Blast Away Dirt with a Cold Water Power Washer

Cold water power washer machines from Power Wash StoreRemove dirt, dust, and general grime with a cold water power washer. Whether you need a quiet mobile solution on a cart base or a rugged skid setup to keep your power washer safe on a job site cold water power washers from Power Wash Store will be there for you.

Covering the gamut of power to meet your work and financial needs. The cost effective Eagle Series Direct Drive 4.0 @ 4000 is a great entry into cold water power washing, with moderate gallons per minute and pressure. The Pressure-Pro – Pro Max HP Series 4.5 @ 6000 provides about the same amount gallons per minute and 50% more pressure. A more specialist cold water pressure washer would be the Pressure-Pro – Pro-Max Series 8.0@3500 with its high volume but average pressure.