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Pressure Washing Chemicals

Many pressure washing jobs require a little extra oomph. Dirty messes and foul smells can be taken care of easier when you look to power washing chemicals. Adding a chemical booster improves scents and will make whatever you are cleaning look spotless.

Looking for a pressure washer detergent respectful to the environment? Many chemical boosters are natural pressure washer soaps or biodegradable detergents. Plant Boost even helps supply your soil with plant nutrients needed to thrive.

Foaming Agents

If you are looking for a spotless clean of your car or other surfaces, foaming agents will help. Power Wash Store offers a selection of foam boosters, surfactants, and foam stabilizers to help achieve your perfect balance.


Scent Covers

The smell of chlorine can be overwhelming, especially in residential or commercial spaces. Luckily, whether you are trying to cover up the chlorine scent or a nasty smell from the surface you are cleaning, there is an assortment of scented detergents to help. We offer sweet, fruity-smelling detergents or clean and simple scent covers. Apple Pressure washing is a customer favorite!


Chlorine Enhancers

Chlorine enhancers help to get rid of particularly dirty messes. Bleach washes can make any cleaning job a whole lot easier. Agent Green provides chlorine enhancement while still maintaining a scent cover.

Shop our selection of chemical boosters along with our entire selection of detergents for pressure washing and soft washing for sale online.