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agent clean chlorine enhancer AGENTG-5
Agent Green - 5 Gallon Bucket $99.00
Apple Boost - 1 Gallon
Apple Boost - 1 Gallon $60.00
Stick Up-5 gallon pressure washer detergent
Stick Up - 5 Gallon $100.00
Lemon Boost Softwash Surfactant and Scent Mask
Lemon Boost - 1 Gallon $60.00
agent clean solutions starter kit
Agent Clean Starter Kit $119.00
Dragon Grip 1 Gallon Surfactant
Dragon Grip - 1 Gallon $35.00
Apple Wash - 1 Gallon Pressure Washer Scent Mask
Apple Wash - 1 Gallon $45.00
Citrus Boost Detergent Fragrance - 1 gallon - for Sale Online
Citrus Boost - 1 Gallon $60.00
Stick Up-1 Case
Stick Up - 4 Gallon Case $80.00
agent green chlorine enhancer
Agent Green - 4 Gallon Case $90.00
Fast Shipping Plant Boost Plant Protectant #PB-25 for Sale Online
Plant Boost #PB-25 $69.00
Dragon Grip 55 Gallon Surfactant
DRAGON GRIP 55GAL DRUM - #DGS-55 $610.00
Stick Up - 1 Gallon
Stick Up - 1 Gallon $35.00
Stick Up-275 gallon
Stick Up - 275 Gallon $2,950.00 Financing available ^ $53.66/month ^ 5 year term monthly payment estimate on approved credit and verification of time in business.
Stick Up-60 gallon
Stick Up - 60 Gallon $995.00
agent green chlorine enhancer
Agent Green - 1 Gallon Call for Pricing

agent clean chlorine enhancer
Agent Green - 55 Gallon $899.00
Cherry Boost - 1 Gallon Scent Cover
Cherry Boost - 1 Gallon $60.00
Cherry Boost - 1 Case
Cherry Boost - 1 Case $220.00

Chemical Boosters for Contract Cleaners

If you’re facing an intensive cleaning job, chemical boosters can give you an upper hand in removing and cleaning stained surfaces. Power Wash Store offers a number of chemical boosters sold online, including our--

These chemical boosters are used as masking agents and fragrance boosters when mixed with other cleaning solutions. These are perfect chemical boosters for alkaline and acid based detergents. The smell of chlorine can be overwhelming and is not usually favored by customers seeking a clean residential, commercial, or industrial space. Mask the odor of chemicals with these fruit fragrances to help make your cleaning jobs a step above your competitors.