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*Orders over $100 may be eligible for Free Shipping. Some restrictions apply.

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Cold Water, Electric, Gas, & Hot Water Pressure Washer Machines

Sometimes, a regular old garden hose just doesn't get the job done; removing hooligans’ graffiti; cleaning years of leaked oil from your driveway; blasting paint chips from the side of your house; getting your neighbor’s dog out of your yard for the last time; etc. For those times, you need a pressure washer.


Water Dragon Pressure Washers
MOSMATIC Surface Cleaners

Best Brand Pressure Washers:

Picking the right pressure washer for the job you need to get done is important. If you get a pressure washer with too much PSI and not enough GPM, you could blast a hole in the side of your house and expose the insulation instead of washing off dirt and removing paint chips like you intended to do. If you choose a pressure washer with too high a GPM and not enough PSI, you could have a lake sitting at the bottom of your still-graffitied wall.Hydro Tek Mobile Pressure Washer Skid

Some Pressure Washer Cleaning Applications:

  • Graffiti from walls
  • Washing your car
  • Cleaning oil spots from your driveway
  • Washing windows on a tall building
  • Washing windows on a short building
  • Washing your roof
  • Soft washing
  • Washing your siding
  • Cleaning fleets

Pressure Washers for All Types of Cleaning

The Power Wash Store carries all types of pressure washers: gas, electric, hot water, cold water, high-GPM, high-PSI, etc. Shop The Power Wash Store’s wide selection of pressure washers to find the best pressure washer for your job.

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