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Checking Fuel Cutout Switch: Honda p.1

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I'm going to show you today how to service and check the fuel system on your Honda and see if there's a problem with the fuel cutout switch. So, what we're going to do, the first thing we're going to do is remove our air cleaner cover over our air cleaner. Okay. I want to check and see if my fuel pump is properly pumping fuel. Take a phillips-head screwdriver, and remove the access cover where it says Honda right here.

What we can do is, you can actually disconnect the line directly off, but we're going to take the cover off so it's easier to see. We're going to take just the four bolts off the four corners. When you take the bolts off near the carburetor entry, make sure you're real careful not to drop them down inside the carburetor. So, all we have to do is take the four bolts that hold the air cleaner cover on, lift the air cleaner cover off, and just set it to the side. You don't have to disconnect any fuel lines or anything like that.

If we want to check to see if we're pumping fuel, what we can actually do is take this line here, take that little clip back, pull it off, hold it to the side, turn the engine over, and see if it squirts fuel out. If it is squirting fuel out, then you know that your fuel pump is operating properly.

There is a small screen inside this barb, a small plastic screen that can sometimes get clogged. So, that could be another thing to check. (I'm going to put this right back on there, because we don't need to do that.)

Alright, after that, we want to check and see if we have a problem with our fuel cutout switch. If the fuel pump isn't working, obviously, we replace that, but now we're going to get into the fuel cutout switch. We're just going to take the four bolts out of the four corners. Then set those aside. We're going to take the two phillips-head screws right here out, on each side of the cover, on the red part, and we're just going to slide the cover right off. We can set that aside.

Inside here is your fuel cutout switch, and what happens when you turn the keyswitch to the ON position, it provides power to this wire, which pulls a plunger out that's inside that fuel cutout. So, in order to get that fuel cutout out of there, we need a little bit more room. What we're going to do is we're going to take this fuel line that's underneath it here--it's a drain tube--and we're just going to pull it off the carburetor, and set that aside.

(Can you see in there, how we just pulled that out so we get a little bit of access to it?)

We're going to take a socket, and we're just going to put it right over the fuel cutout switch. It slides right over it, and I'm going to remove that out of the engine. And when I take that out of the engine, I want to be careful not to drop anything down inside there.

(You can see this actually, the crush washer that's on there is actually still stuck on the unit. You can see how it moves around a little bit.)

I want to be careful that that doesn't fall down into the engine anywhere where I'm going to lose it, so you can grab it with a screwdriver. I'm just going to grab it with a needle-nosed pliers, just to make sure I don't lose it.

Okay. Now, the fuel cutout switch itself is a real simple-- (Check out the Fuel Cutout Switch on Honda Pt. 2 video.)

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