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Water Dragon Flow Control Chemical Metering System

Manufacturer Part Numbers: WD-5409
SKUs: WD-5409
Package 1 Dimensions: Height: 16.00 Inches Width: 16.00 Inches Length: 16.00 Inches Weight: 16 Lb(s) 0 Oz
MSRP $1515.02
Retail Price $1262.39
Sale Price $1,050.00

Warning California Proposition 65 Detectable amount of chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm may be found in pressure washing equipment, accessories and exhaust. For More Information Visit
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The following degrees indicate approximate percentages for the SH (bleach) valve:

The soap valve will start to flow soap at approximately 35-40 degrees. The soap's viscosity affects the draw, so open to 35-40 and adjust as desired.

SH Valve
Water Valve
 50° = 10%  180° 
 80° = 20%  180° 
 110° = 30%  180° 
 140° = 40%  180° 
 180° = 50%  180° 

The water valve will stay wide open at 180 degrees. The only time to adjust the water is when you want to go above 50% mix. Seldom will you go over 50%, but if you need to, use SH settings in reverse.

SH Valve
Water Valve
 180° = 50% 180°
 180° = 60% 140°
 180° = 70%  110° 
 180° = 80%  80° 
 180° = 90%  50° 

These settings are approximate and will vary based on each unit setup and plumbing. These should be seen as a starting point to fine-tune your unit. Once your ratios are determined they will be repeatable and should not change. These percentages are based on 10.5% SH. Across the country, SH percentages and quality vary so it is very tough to make exact mixes from area to area, but this system is incredibly repeatable. Find your perfect spots and mark them for your system.

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Reviews For: Water Dragon Flow Control Chemical Metering System

Great Product
We Build a lot of Power Wash Rigs, and Soft Wash Rigs. We have installed about 12 of these units and they work very well. However you must know exactly what you are doing or you may experience minor issues. If you need help please ask. Over all I would say I've built Scientific instrumentation and jet engines, the Pro-proportioner is built very well ! Mark @ under Pressure Power Wash LLC
Soft Wash Innovations, 3/2/2018