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PropPortioner Detergent Delivery System
PropPortioner Detergent Delivery System
Pro-Portioner 2816
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Eliminate batch mixing of detergents. Blend up to three products at once.
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The Benefits

Never ‘batch mix’ your cleaning agents ever again. The patent-pending Pro-Portioner system allows you to draw from individual tanks of your pure products and proportion them to your individual desired mix. Need a 20% mix on the roof and 5% on the house that’s no problem simply set your mix ratio and when you need to change it turn the valve. Never again will your mix be too strong or too weak, the Pro-Portioner will allow you to adjust your mix on the fly. The Pro Portioner works on the inlet side of your pump system and is compatible with 12volt pumps, air diaphragm pumps, booster pumps and other demand pump systems.

High-Quality Parts

The Pro-Portioner systems are built for the long haul. You will never need to buy another unit because of a valve malfunction as the system was designed to be fully rebuildable/replaceable if necessary. The water and soap valves have an extremely long lifespan while we recommend the SH (bleach) valve be rebuilt annually for uninterrupted use. Flushing the SH valve is recommended after every use and can be done with ease with the installation of a 3-way valve on the SH intake. Having one side going to SH and the other to water you simply turn the 3 way to water after using and flush system, pump, etc.

How to Operate

For the system to operate you will need: a water tank, bleach tank, and a soap source, pulling soap out of 1-gallon jugs—or 5-gallon pails will work but larger tanks will allow for less refilling and extended run time. Water and bleach tanks will be plumbed from the top with equal length 1/2" lines. The soap supply can use 1/2", 3/8" or even 1/4" as it is just a drip in the system. All pickups must be filtered to control debris intake. The system will vary slightly from user to user, so individual testing may be required. The dial that is on valves goes by degrees 0-180.


Each component that makes up the final assembly has its own individual warranty. The case has a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. The wearable items such as valves, check valves, fittings and hinges carry a 90-day warranty against manufacturer defects but do not include damage due to wear or chemical damage. The Power Wash Store offers a full one year warranty on all labor associated with the unit, in-house only. Simply ship it back and we will do the annual inspection and any repairs free of charge excluding parts or repair kits required.

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The following degrees indicate approximate percentages for SH (bleach) valve is as follows:

The soap valve will start to flow soap at approximately 35-40 degrees. The soap's viscosity affects the draw, so open to 35-40 and adjust as desired.

 SH Valve Setting  Water Valve Setting 
 50° = 10%  180° 
 80° = 20%  180° 
 110° = 30%  180° 
 140° = 40%  180° 
 180° = 50%  180° 

The water valve will stay wide open at 180 degrees. The only time to adjust the water is when you want to go above 50% mix. Seldom will you go over 50%, but if you need to, use SH settings in reverse.

 SH Valve Setting  Water Valve Setting 
 180° = 50% 180°
 180° = 60% 140°
 180° = 70%  110° 
 180° = 80%  80° 
 180° = 90%  50° 

These settings are approximate and will vary based on each units setup and plumbing. These should be seen as a starting point to fine tune your unit. Once your ratios are determined they will be repeatable and should not change. These percentages are based on 10.5% SH. Across the country, SH percentages and quality vary so it is very tough to make exact mixes from area to area, but this system is incredibly repeatable. Find your perfect spots and mark it for your system.


Pro-Portioner System from Powerwashstore

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