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Agent Halt 5x Concentrate - 5 Gallon Bucket

Agent Halt 5x Concentrate - 5 Gallon Bucket for Sale Online
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Warning California Proposition 65

Detectable amount of chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm may be found in pressure washing equipment, accessories and exhaust. For More Information Visit www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Agent Halt Bleach/Salt Neutralizer 5x Concentrate – 5 Gallon Bucket #AGENTH5X-5

This high-quality bleach/salt neutralizer and surfactant is ideal for rinsing bleach-washed surfaces to prevent damage to sensitive siding or external surfaces. It contains a scent cover, and is ideal for rinsing bleach residue from your equipment, hoses, pumps, and vehicle.


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Pre-rinse with water.

  • Pump Sprayer: 8 oz, fill with water
  • X-Jet: 8 oz per 5 gallon bucket.
  • 10:1 Downstream: 15-24 oz per 5 gallon
  • ProPortioner: 1-2 on dial (never more than 2)

To rinse: Rinse long enough to remove soap trace, then stop. Further rinsing will negate the effects of Agent Halt.

Pro tip: Agent Halt is effective at neutralizing bleach even after it has dried on. Use it after doing a building wash where the solution is sprayed over glass or windows. Rinse the windows with Agent Halt and water mix. Also can be used to rinse any cars affected by overspray, or to clean out any pumps and hoses after bleach use.

Agent Halt 5x Concentrate - 5 Gallon Bucket

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Reviews for: Agent Halt 5x Concentrate - 5 Gallon Bucket
January 2019 BY: Jason from Richmond, va
Apple wash is Supreme
Been using it for all of 2018 and couldnt ask for a better wash with odor control. The color blend helps you find out where the chemical is going which is highly helpful in shady areas. I recommend this product for all people in this industry
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