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Grafter Pole 17
Grafter Pole 17' Composite w/12" Head #8575
Part Number: 167-4171
SKU: 8575
Free Shipping
Glyder Pole 40
Glyder Pole 40' CarbonFiber w/12" Head #8573
Part Number: 165-340
SKU: 8573
Free Shipping
Grafter Pole 24
Grafter Pole 24' Composite w/12" Head #8576
Part Number: 167-4241
SKU: 8576
Free Shipping
Glyder Plus Pole 40
Glyder Plus Pole 40' HMCF w/12" Head #8570
Part Number: 165-440
SKU: 8570
Free Shipping
Glyder Pole 30
Glyder Pole 30' CarbonFiber w/12" Head #8571
Part Number: 165-330
SKU: 8571
Free Shipping
Glyder Pole 35
Glyder Pole 35' CarbonFiber w/12" Head #8572
Part Number: 165-335
SKU: 8572
Free Shipping

Ionic Water Fed Poles

Iconic Pressure Washer Pole Extensions

Iconic Systems Power Washer Pole ExtensionsBased in Wiltshire, England, Ionic Systems specializes in window cleaning systems. Their Reach & Wash brand is the industry standard for window cleaners worldwide, and The Power Wash Store is pleased to carry the full line of their Waterfed Poles—the business end of their Reach & Wash System.

Ionic’s Waterfed Poles are everything you want in a pole—light, thin, rigid, and collapsible for close-quarters work and easy storage. Built with high-quality, lightweight materials like polycarbonate ABS plastic and carbon fiber, these are poles you can use for hours without feeling like your arms are going to drop off.

Ionic Waterfed Poles available at The Power Wash Store

Contact us for more information on Iconic pressure washer pole extensions.