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*Orders over $100 may be eligible for Free Shipping. Some restrictions apply.

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Dispensing the right amount of the right chemicals is integral to the pressure washing process. It’s also very important to make sure you have the right nozzle connected to the gun when attempting to apply detergents to the surface you’re cleaning. Always use the black nozzle—It’s made specifically for applying detergents—as the other nozzles are high-pressure nozzles, and don’t work with detergent application.

Some of the Brands We Carry:

These brands encompass a wide range of chemical pumps to help push detergents into your pressure washer system at exactly the right amounts.

Choosing the Right Equipment

It’s very important to know the capacity of your detergent / chemical applicator pump so you’re dispersing the correct amount of detergent or chemical over the area you’re spraying. Let’s say you’re spraying pesticides over a field; you don’t want to spray too much and kill all the plants, or too little and let the bugs kill all / randomly fertilize the wrong plants. Also, too much of any certain chemical may corrode the pump in your pressure washer or any number of its other components.

Diaphragm pumps are the best type of pumps for detergent / chemical applications. The chemicals can be for crops / pesticides, while detergents are used strictly for cleaning purposes.

We also carry a selection of manual sprayers for those of you who are just spraying your yard to get rid of weeds.

Chemical pumps and sprayers from the Power Wash Store are sold with the intent of helping you optimize efficiency in your residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Air diaphragm pumps are an environmentally friendly option and are sold online alongside our chemical pumps, great for HVAC services. If you’re interested in creating air pumps for the filters on small fish tanks or need to clean up sludge, our Floject, Shurflo, Everflo, and Delevan Diaphragm pumps are your perfect match. Foam sprayers and manual sprayers are also available, making DIY home projects and wall insulation installations an effortless process.

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