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Vacuboom Water Containment

Vacu-Boom Water Containment Systems for Sale by Power Wash Store

Having a Vacu-Boom water containment system is one of the best ways to stay compliant with environmental regulations. As a practical and innovative way to prevent waste-water run-off; Vacu-Boom has you covered for all indoor and outdoor cleaning operations.  It consists of a hollow, flexible tube with a diameter of five inches, which can be placed on any hard surface. The unique C-shaped cross-section of the boom ensures an effective seal, either forming a downslope side dam or encircling the wash or containment area. One of the key advantages of the Vacu-Boom is its ability to tightly seal itself to hard surfaces when the vacuum is activated. This vacuum action creates a strong suction ensuring a secure and reliable containment system for hazardous materials and preventing run-off from washing operations.

Vacu-Boom Water Containment Systems for Sale Online