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Suntec Fuel Pumps

SUNTEC Fuel Pumps for Sale by Power Wash Store

Power Wash Store is proud to offer an array of SUNTEC fuel pumps. Since 1984 SUNTEC has been offering a range of gear pumps for domestic collective heating and industrial applications. Based in both Kentucky, USA and Burgundy, France, SUNTEC fuel pumps have been industry leaders in durability, consistency, and are built to last. Rest assured, Power Wash Store has the SUNTEC fuel pump built to fit your needs. SUNTEC pumps have a variety of applications including:

  • high-pressure cleaners
  • exhaust gas treatment
  • hydraulic systems
  • domestic burners
  • industrial boilers
  • mobile heating units
  • heating systems for vehicles


SUNTEC Fuel Pumps for Sale Online