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5,000 to 5,999 PSI Hoses

5000 to 5999 PSI High Pressure Power Washer Hoses>

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Black 5000psi Hose - Two Wire Legacy 87392260 for Sale Online
Legacy 100' Black 5000psi Hose 87392260 - Two Wire #1336
Part Number: 87392260
SKU: 1336
Free Shipping
Legacy Black 5000psi Hose (per foot) - Two Wire #1338
Black 5000psi Hose (per foot) - Two Wire #1338
Part Number:
SKU: 1338
Legacy Ultima Hose - 2 Wire 5000psi 1/2" Black Hose - 50
Legacy 50' Black 5000psi 1/2" Hose - Two Wire #1345
Part Number: 87394250
SKU: 1345
Free Shipping

5,000 to 5,999 PSI Pressure Washer Hoses

Pressure washer hoses in this category are meant for medium to heavy duty pressure washers rated between 5,000 and 5,999 PSI. Pressure washers with this kind of output are typically commercial machines but are sometimes used by homeowners. For the best performance, it’s best to purchase a kink-resistant, long-lasting hose rated to handle the PSI output of your machine. Polyurethane hoses are the best option for increased flexibility while not leaving streaks.


Pressure Washer Hoses High PSI

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Legacy 100 ft Black 5000 psi Hose 87392260 - Two Wire #1336

Legacy 100' Black 5000psi Hose 87392260 - Two Wire #1336

1/2 inch Black 5000 psi Hose (per foot) - Two Wire #1347

1/2" Black 5000psi Hose (per foot) - Two Wire #1347

 Legacy 50 ft Black 5000 psi 1/2 inch Hose - Two Wire #1345

Legacy 50' Black 5000psi 1/2" Hose - Two Wire #1345

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