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Hot Water Portables


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Largo 2 Wheel Electric Portable #1210P
Part Number: 1210P
SKU: 1210P
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Largo Premium Heavy Duty DD Hot Water Portable #1250
Part Number: 1250
SKU: 1250
Largo Hot Water Electric Oil Fired Portable #15-24
Part Number: 15-24
SKU: 15-24
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Largo Electric Oil Fired Horizontal Coil Portable #15-423HZ
Part Number: 15-423HZ
SKU: 15-423HZ
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Largo BD Gas Portable #1530
Part Number: 1530
SKU: 1530
Largo BD Gas Portable Pressure Washer
Largo BD Gas Portable #1535BC
Part Number: 1535BC
SKU: 1535BC
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Largo Hot Water Portables

Hot water portable pressure washers are the backbone of the professional cleaning industry. High pressure heated water cuts through mud and grease so well that pressure washing detergents are often not necessary. All Largo hot water portable power washers come with a 50 ft hose and a 4 ft lance with a trigger gun and quick connect spray tips.

Hot Water Electric Portables

Largo electric hot water portable cleaning systems offer superior strength for internal cleaning. Electric power washers don’t require the same ventilation that gas power washers do, making them the better choice for enclosed spaces. 

Largo Hot Water Gas Portables

Hot water largo power washers with gas engines are more portable than electric versions because they don’t have to remain plugged in while in use. Largo gas power washers are built for frequent commercial cleanings. These units feature oil fired burners and direct driven pumps (3450 RPM) or belt driven pumps (1450 RPM).

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