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Ettore Golden Glove Washer Complete Sleeve


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Ettore Golden Glove Washer Complete for Window Cleaning
Golden Glove Washer Complete, 10" - 18"
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Ettore Golden Glove Washer Complete Sleeve

Cleaning windows starts with a good wash, and Ettore Golden Glove sleeves and T-bars are perfect for the job. Their microfiber is fine, absorbent, and durable. The quality of microfiber allows for maximum scrubbing power, can hold 20% more water, and is durable enough to last for 500+ washings.

The T-bars are durable, lightweight, and comfortable to use to ensure you can clean effectively. Ettore sleeves and T-bars are quality products designed to get windows clean fast and well.

We sell Ettore Golden Glove Sleeves here as complete kits with the T-Bar.

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