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Graffiti Solutions - Elephant Snot

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Elephant Snot by Graffiti Solutions

If you’re wondering why a graffiti removal product is named “Elephant Snot,” one look will explain it all. Pop open the lid and you’ll see a gloopy, green-grey concoction that bears a disturbing resemblance to a bucketful of mucus. Hideous as it may look, it works beautifully for removing graffiti from concrete, cement, brick, stone and other porous surfaces. It also removes road tar, oils, grease, gum, paint spills, tree sap and other hard to remove stains and marks. 

Using Elephant Snot

As you can imagine, Elephant Snot is much too viscous to use in a power washer. It’s applied with a brush or roller, which can be cleaned with water. The non-drip formula clings to the surface for maximum penetration and easy removal of graffiti. Just rinse off with a hose or pressure washer. (Yes, it’s biodegradable!) Elephant Snot works in all temperatures, from freezing cold to blazing hot. It’s nonflammable, non-combustible and has low odor, so minimal or no ventilation is needed.

Available in one gallon and 5 gallon containers:

Elephant Snot Graffiti Remover, 1 gal. #ELESNOT

Elephant Snot Graffiti Remover, 5 gal. #ELESNOT-5