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Ettore Buckets


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Ettore Super Bucket with Handle for Cleaning
Ettore Super Bucket with Handle
Part Number:
SKU: 29-2400
Ettore Super Bucket Complete for Windows & Glass
Ettore Super Bucket Complete
Part Number:
SKU: 29-2400-C
Ettore Super Bucket Replacement Handle
Ettore Super Bucket Handle
Part Number:
SKU: 29-2401
Ettore Super Bucket Snap-On Lid
Ettore Super Bucket Snap-On Lid
Part Number:
SKU: 29-2402
Ettore Super Bucket Casters (replacement wheels) 4-Pack
Ettore Super Bucket Casters (4-pack)
Part Number:
SKU: 29-2403
Ettore Super Bucket Sieve
Super Bucket, Sieve
Part Number:
SKU: 29-2404
Ettore Super Bucket Hanging Sieve
Super Bucket, Hanging Sieve
Part Number:
SKU: 29-2405
Ettore 3.5 Gallon Bucket
3 1/2 Gallon Bucket
Part Number:
SKU: 29-2406
Ettore Compact Super Bucket
Compact Super Bucket
Part Number:
SKU: 29-2407
Ettore Compact Super Bucket Lid
Compact Super Bucket, Snap on Lid
Part Number:
SKU: 29-2408

Ettore Buckets

Buckets are a great tool to carry your cleaning solution, wherever you need it. Carry it around the building, up on a ladder, or with you on a lift. Buckets are a necessity for your cleaning needs or business. Ettore buckets are designed with the window cleaner in mind.

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