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Ettore Holsters


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Ettore SideKick for holding squeegees and other window cleaning tools
SideKick w/Detachable Clip
Part Number:
SKU: 29-2450
Ettore SideKick with Loop for window washing & cleaning
SideKick w/Non Detachable Clip
Part Number:
SKU: 29-2451
Ettore Sidekick Replacement Clip / Buckle
Sidekick Buckle
Part Number:
SKU: 29-2452
Ettore Utility Pouch for holding window cleaning tools
Utility Pouch
Part Number:
SKU: 29-2453
Ettore Double Loop Nylon Holster
Double Loop Nylon Holster
Part Number:
SKU: 29-2454
Ettore Tool Belt for cleaning
Part Number:
SKU: 29-2455
Ettore Leather Holster for Squeegees
Leather Holster
Part Number:
SKU: 29-2456
Ettore Dual Holster
Dual Holster
Part Number:
SKU: 29-2457

Ettore Holsters

Holsters are a great hands-free way to carry your squeegee and/or T-bar cleaner around with you. Ettore holsters are durable and designed to work perfectly with Ettore squeegees, they even make a dual squeegee holster to hold your two favorite squeegees. If you want to keep your squeegee by your side and keep it safe, Ettore holsters are the way to go.

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