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Telescoping Lances

Telescoping Lances for Sale Online>

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General Pump- Professional Telescoping Lance 24
General Pump Professional Telescoping Lance 24' #1256
Part Number:
SKU: 1256
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General Pump Lance Belt #1058
General Pump D20015 Lance Belt #1058
Part Number: 87000590
SKU: 1058
GP - Professional Telescoping Lance 12
General Pump Professional Telescoping Lance 12'
Part Number:
SKU: 1254
Free Shipping
General Pump TS12 Replacement Gun #1025
General Pump TS12 Replacement Gun #1025
Part Number: 87238960
SKU: 1025
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GP - TS18 Replacement Gun #1026
General Pump TS18 Replacement Gun #1026
Part Number: 87105950
SKU: 1026
General Pump DLTG18 Giraffe Telescoping Wand
General Pump Professional Telescoping Lance 18'
Part Number:
SKU: 1255
Free Shipping

Telescoping Pressure Washer Lances

Telescoping lances are a form of high-pressure lances used in power washing to clean hard-to-reach surfaces up to 24 feet away. Using a telescoping lance has a number of benefits over other types of pressure lances. You no longer are required to use a ladder or set up scaffolding to reach elevated windows. This can help save massive amounts of time that you would have to spend moving ladders and setting up scaffolding instead of cleaning. Save time and money with telescoping pressure washer lances.

General Pump Telescoping Lances


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