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The Power Wash Store provides you with the solvents you need to power through until the job is done. Detergents are not soaps.

Soaps leave behind a filmy residue made up of calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), iron (Fe), and manganese (Mn), completely defeating the purpose of cleaning the surface. This soapy film is extremely hard to rinse off.

Detergents don’t leave behind this film, because they use a variety of surfactants (chemicals that make water wetter), which have been engineered to perform well under conditions in which soap does not perform very well.

Different types of applications have specific detergents for those uses.

Some applications with specific detergents include:

Pressure Washer Detergent

Surfactants: a Cleaning Solution

Detergents, as surfactants, bind their hydrophobic end to the dirt, while simultaneously binding their hydrophilic end to the water, bringing what normally wouldn’t mix with water into contact with it. This allows the water to actually clean the surface of whatever it is you’re cleaning, even though water would not normally stick to it.

Detergents are an important part of cleaning anything well. All of our detergents are environmentally safe and work in conjunction with our wastewater recovery techniques occasionally taught in our UAMCC classes.

Environmentally safe, Power Wash Store’s detergent products give you the freedom you need to clean the exterior of buildings without poisoning the grounds around you. A number of products and are available for your commercial and industrial building cleaning needs, such as Agent Clean, Chemical Boosters, Flat Surface Cleaning, Hood Cleaning, and Seal N Lock Products.

We have everything you need to get the clean surface you’re looking for, whether you need detergents for cleaning brick surfaces, wiping down equipment, removing graffiti, washing a house, or stripping a wood floor of its stains and sealers. Power Wash Store sells detergents online for your conscience and, most importantly, your convenience.

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