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X-Jet Long Range Foam Nozzles

X-Jet - M5 Nozzle 4-6GPM #XJETM5-13K for Sale Online

M5 Nozzle: 4-6gpm

The M5 X-JET can project liquids to vertical heights over 40 feet depending upon the capability of your pressure washer. It can be used with virtually any pressure washer, hot or cold for 3000 PSI to 4000 PSI. Try one for yourself.

X-Jet - M5DS Nozzle 3-7gpm #M5DS KIT 3-7 for Sale Online

M5DS Nozzle: 3-7gpm

The M5DS Twist adjustable downstream soft wash nozzle will help apply soap and rinse up to 4 stories high when used in conjunction with your pressure washers soap injector. Simply "TWIST" the nozzle for 0 to 60-degree spray patterns.

X-Jet - M5DS Nozzle 7-12gpm #M5DS KIT 7-12 for Sale Online

M5DS Nozzle: 7-12gpm

When ready to rinse simply remove your soap injector hose from your cleaning solution. Simply "TWIST" the nozzle for 0- to 60-degree spray patterns. No more switching tips to get different spray patterns. For heavy-duty applications.

A Flexible Tool for Any Job

X-Jet - Original Nozzle 4-6GPM #XJET-13K for Sale OnlineThe X-Jet M5 features an adjustable nozzle that allows you to control the width of the spray coming out of the wand. If you are able to be close to the surface the wide, fan spray will let you cover more area quickly. There are times though where you can’t be right next to the surface and the narrow stream will let you cover the distance and deliver the force you need.

For standard power washing the X-Jet M5DS will give you all the flexibility you need. The X-Jet M5DS Kit 3-7 works with power washers that output between 3 and 7 gallons per minute. The X-Jet M5DS Kit 7-12 is designed to work with power washers outputting between 7 and 12 gallons per minute.

The XJETM5-16K features the same M5 dynamic nozzle, but also allows you to add chemicals to the spray without it passing through your power washer. The bypass prevents unnecessary wear on your power washer avoiding a possible break down.