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Leaf and Debris Trap #5025 $139.00
Financing available:
Leaf Trap SS Replacement Filter #5025S $41.90
Financing available:
Action Knife #5550
Action Knife #5550 $21.99
Financing available:
Aluminum Straight Edge #5551
Aluminum Straight Edge #5551 $69.00
Financing available:
Aviation Snips #5552 $22.68
Financing available:
Base Molding and Tackstrip Lifter #5553
Base Molding and Tackstrip Lifter #5553 $21.90
Financing available:
Carpet Gripper #5554
Carpet Gripper #5554 $66.42
Financing available:
Carpet Shears 10" #5555
Carpet Shears 10" #5555 $111.13
Financing available:
Duckbill Napping Shears #5556
Duckbill Napping Shears #5556 $23.42
Financing available:
Carpet Repair Kit #5557
Carpet Repair Kit #5557 $20.84
Financing available:
Carpet Repair Replacement Blades #5558
Carpet Repair Replacement Blades #5558 $14.94
Financing available:

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Carpet and Restoration Machines and Products

Cleaning and restoring carpeting in cars and boats requires specific equipment constructed for the job. Power Wash Store’s--

--help car cleaning companies gain an upper hand in their services over their competitors. Whether you’re simply cleaning a carpet, or making a repair or replacement, we have everything you need to get the job done on time and as precisely as possible. Between carpet shears, tackstrip lifters, and carpet grippers, you will be fully equipped to pull apart any vehicle’s carpets in no time.